Resources for Children and Teens:

A website for teens struggling with anxiety, eating disorders, drugs and stress.
A website with information about teen depression.

Supportive Contact Numbers for Children and Teens:

Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868
Helpline for Children in BC: 310-1234 (no area code needed)
CHIMO Crisis Service: 604-279-7070 (8:00 am-midnight)

Support for Men Experiencing Depression:
Health strategies for management and prevention of depression.

Resources for Adults and Children Experiencing Divorce or Separation:

Collaborative Divorce Vancouver
A non-profit society linking adults with Collaborative Professionals who keep your divorce or separation out of court.

Westminster Law Group
An association of independent professionals offering legal advice, mediation, arbitration and counselling services.

Predovic Family Law & Mediation
A no-court approach to family dispute resolution of all types, including Collaborative Divorce and mediation.
Keeping your family law case out of court.

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Kids Playing

Importance of Play

“Play” is sometimes contrasted with “work” and characterised as a type of activity which is essentially unimportant, trivial and lacking in any serious purpose. As such, it is seen as something that children do because they are immature, and as something...
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Cyberbullying Victim

Anti-Cyberbullying Message

Cyberbullying is an emergent form of abuse growing in part due to the expansion of the internet into the bedrooms, mobile phones and tablets of children. Without parental supervision on electronic devices, there is a great danger that children are exposed to increasingly damaging...
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